Licensed Partner / Affiliate of New World Immigration

True Talent Recruitment is proud to announce our new affiliation with New World Immigration, we in affiliation with NWI are here to assist you with your immigration process:

A Bit About NWI: New World Immigration 

Mission Statement:

New World Immigration’s mission is to act with professionalism and integrity whilst helping prospective migrants realise their dream abroad.


New World Immigration, founded in 2009, is a customer-centric organisation that focuses primarily on making it easier for prospective migrants to move overseas and to live out their dreams. Within its walls you will find excited, energetic and passionate individuals that live, sleep and breath immigration. Our focus is to create a space where assistance can be provided through cutting edge technology while creating a working environment that is stimulating, rewarding and comfortable for our staff.

We constantly revisit all our processes to make sure we are providing the best possible service in all departments at all times. We celebrate each and every success and deal with issues with maturity always making sure the clients well being is taken into consideration at all times.

Our Services

On top of our visa services for South Africa, Australia, Canada and Europe, we have a new property and relocation division that was created in 2015 that focus’s on aspects outside of the visa process. This value added service comes free of charge to the client.

Our Success Rate

We don’t take on clients we can’t help. We don’t sugar-coat processes and we are very honest and transparent with our clients. Our open door policy means that our clients have access to more than our office. Our online portal gives them a glimpse of all the processes involved in their visa application and allows them to engage with us more freely.

Our Systems

We only purchase the best systems that allow us to do our work with confidence and with speed. We have invested heavily in making sure our staff can operate in an environment that is conducive to success. We use cloud based systems with security technology protecting all our company data and more importantly protecting all clients information.

The immigration industry is widely regarded as one of the most active industries on the planet. With the world becoming smaller and the prospect of a better life abroad becoming more prevalent amongst aspiring professionals , the popularity of human movement has never been bigger!

New World Immigration processes on average 150,000 leads per year from prospective migrants wanting a better life overseas. From skilled visas to study permits, retirement permits to business permits, more people are wanting a taste of what its like to live in first world countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe.

In order to Immigrate you will however need to meet certain criteria for more information on this please contact me at

We are looking forward to assist aspiring Engineers and professionals with their Visa and immigration process.